I’m Melanie, most people call me Mel! TheRefreshanista.com is where I write about healthy, tasty food, natural remedies, and DIY beauty and share pretty photos of my creations! I love to swap chemical-filled, refined, and unhealthy products and ingredients for all-natural options to promote health and happiness. I have a BSc in Biology and use my science background to research the best all-natural options and remedies.  I’m also an herbalist in training!

  • I create recipes based on my favourite flavours- but with easy ingredient swaps to make them healthier. I enjoy creating recipes that are simple for anyone to follow, take minimal time, but are full of fresh flavour and nutrients to keep you healthy and happy!
  • I create natural bath & beauty products that replace the chemical-filled products typically found in the average home. I share recipes and tutorials for these all-natural products so you can make them at home.
  • I believe that the best cures for our everyday ailments and illnesses are natural remedies that come from plants. I research natural remedies and share my findings to help others feel better.

I love that my readers love what I do!

“Hi Mel! This looks truly delicious! I’m a naturopathic doc and help people identify their food sensitivities…dairy, gluten and eggs are all very common on that list! I always appreciate a good gluten-free & vegan recipe and will be sure to pass this one along in my practice! Thanks for the recipe 🙂” -Kimberley

“I love diy beauty treatments, thanks for this new one! 🙂 ” -Angela

“LOVE this post! I always get stomach aches, so this is perfect for me! Yogi Tea is one of my absolute favs, but I’ve never tried their Licorice Tea before – definitely putting it on my grocery list!” -Alexa

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